Sheets and Panels

The corona system able to solve all your problems in the carton plast and sheet industry. Installable on extrusion lines and printing lines, it gives you the possibility to treat materials up to 4mm of thickness. the structure guarantees an uniform gap during running.

IEEC sheet corona treaters is the excellent tool for the sheet manufacturers. Offer in-house facility to treat a wide variety of metallised or non metallised substrates. These substrates are corona treated when they are manufactured but over a period cannot sustain its surface value due to ageing factor, improper storage and lot of external factors(Heat, Humidity), which prevents inks or adhesive to from improper adhering, bonding.

Many of these substrates require higher value surface energy to match a particular ink or coating.

This is highly recommended to corona treater just prior to the Printing / lamination/ coating application for the best quality is achieved.

PVC,PP,LD,Foam,Flex, metallised/ non metallised polyester ,PE, OPP, and other high low density plastic materials should particularly be Corona treated to enhance the quality of the final product.

  • Able to treat one or two sides of the web
  • Web width up to 2500 mm, further can be upgraded according to requirement
  • Fixed type Electrodes made to guarantee uniform air gap. Also segmented metallic electrodes can be supplied as per requirement

Product installed on site